Privacy Policy

Data Collection

None of the extensions I write collect any data at all. Since no data is collected, it stands to reason, and is, indeed, the case, that none of your data can be sold to third parties. That being said, there are a few other ways your data is used.

Chrome Storage API

Several of my extensions take advantage of Google Chrome Storage API to locally store minimal state information. This is similar to a cookie. Examples of data stored this way might include your initials for the B-Roll Credit Copier or information about if and when you agreed to the privacy policy. Google syncs this information across your various computers and Chrome installations. However, my extensions only access this data locally on your machine and they do not transmit it.

Third-Party APIs

My extension not use external apis

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If there are substantive1 changes made to this blanket privacy policy or to the individual privacy policies of any of my extensions, I will push out a new version of the affected extension and ask you to agree to the amended privacy policy.

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